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Achiles Luciano

São Paulo - SP 


Achiles Luciano began his career in Advertising before complete his degree in Visual Communication at the University FAAP. 

He worked in different areas such as: past- up, art finalist, lay- out man; but when he began to illustrate discovered his aptitude for painting. Participated at II Mostra de Graffiti (II Graphite show) in São Paulo and got the eighth place among the ten winners who were sent to the exhibition at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound). Considering it was the first work he did on a large scale, thus beginning with graphite.

In the early nineties, he painted his first screen. Today his works are spread throughout Brazil and abroad. He is working as Visual Artist since 93, participating in several exhibitions, and has carried out several other jobs, such as:


* Exhibit Flávio Império - Sesc Pompéia 1999 * Show Brazil + 500 Rediscovery 2000 * Painting workshops in public and private schools in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre 2007 * Digital Painting Workshops with the software Tag tool at several Sesc Units from 2012 to 2014.


* Telephone company (Vivo) – Six artworks reproduced for phone cards 05/2000 * Molico and Projeto Alma Paulista - post cards 2000 * Hering – Logo rereading 05/12/ 2000 *Chivas Jazz Festival Second edition 06/2001 * Collective Exhibition "Caribbean, African, Asian, South American" CASA Gallery, 7 Gretorex Street - Spitalfieds - London – England 10/12/2001 *Happening – A fusion of painting and music, a dialogue between the musician improvising and the painter creating simultaneously. * Collective Exhibition Brasil no Ar (“Brazil in the Air” Del Angels Gallery in Barcelona – Spain in 2005 * Individual Exhibition “1 + 1, or more. Experimental Gallery in São Paulo 2008 Achiles Luciano – visual artist * Participated at Casadalapa Project “Enquadro -chapter 1: Domingas” a short film and a book, launched in 2009 *Individual Exhibition “Tag Noise” – Institution Sesc, Unit Santo Amaro in São Paulo 2012

GERMANY 2013 - 2014:

* Artistic Resistance in Feldafing Germany , Waldberta Village – Munich Culture Secretary, from February 1 to April 28 of 2013 – Collective  +br13 *Exhibit :EXTENSÃO NECESSÁRIA DO DISCURSO (Needed Extension of speech) at Streitfeld Projektraum Gallery in July of 2014


* Urban Interventions of Os Crespos (Theatre Company) –The construction of the image and the image built, São Paulo – 2009/ 2010.


*Experiential and Shows: Member of the Collective DMV22 * Collective DMV22 – VRUM Project – Secs Arts Circuit 2011 * Collective DMV22 - VRUM Project – Opening of Sesc Santo Amaro – 2011 * Collective DMV22 – VRUMvrumzinho Project Child Experiences Sesc Ipiranga 2011 * Collective DMV22 - VRUM Project – Sesc Araraquara Winter Festival 2011 * Collective DMV22 - VRUM Project – Sesc Pompéia January Season of 2012 * Collective DMV22 – VRUMvrumzinho Project – Season Theatre União Cultural 2012 * Art Company nKu - The Luzia Notes – Children’s theatre digital setting and characters on live 2012 * Collective DMV22 - VRUMvrumzinho Project – Sesc São Carlos 2012 * Collective DMV22 – VRUMvrumzinho Project  – Sesc Campinas 2012 * Collective DMV22 –VRUMvrumzinho Project  – Sesc Piracicaba 2012 * Collective DMV22 - VRUMvrumzinho Project Child’s Experiences at MIS(Museum of Image and Sound)2012 * Collective DMV22 – Trepp Project artist residence at Waldberta Village, Germany and presentation at Sesc Santana São Paulo - Brazil 2013 * Collective DMV22 –Trepp Project - Sreitfeld Porjektraum 2014 * Collective DMV22 – Circulation Project VRUM e VRUMvrumzinho in Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and São Paulo cities by the notice of Caixa Cultural.


* Member of the Collective Front February 3 and casadalapa. * Monthly Project improvised in the House of Boilers in 2009/2010 *Kenako: Company’s World Cup - D.L.P.  about South Africans issues on July 8, 2010. * Zap! Zona Autônoma da Palavra (Word Autonomous Zone): A Brazilian Slam of the Bartolomeu core testimonials – D.L.P. 05/13/2010 *AfriCAZAnossa of Bukassa Kabengele – D.L.P. in two shows – March 19th e May 28th of 2010 * Opening of Cultural Centre of the transports Palace – on August 31,  2012* Interventions, digital graffiti at launch Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 - Jockey Club in2012 * Digital Graffiti - Stand of Peugeot to the launch of 208 – Motor Show 2012


* Setting for Magazine photo race – Red Fire 1999 * setting for Magazine Photo Trip – Cartoon 2000 * Ballantines Event Leave an impression in 2007 * exhibition development and setting theatre play “Encontros Notáveis” (Notable Meetings) 5 x 4 Sesc Paulista 2008 * As Notas de Luzia (Luzia’s Grades)- Children’s Theatre – Digital setting 2012


Achiles Luciano striking character of good "jam / groove session" dotting by São Paulo, with its illuminated easel closed to the musicians, Achiles expresses in his painting the charm, spontaneity, the unique intimacy of these musical events. Bright acrylic paints on paper and screens quickly filled with generous gesture of performative painter, under eyes of a public tamed by the vibrant sound of prominent musicians.

A visual spectacle, performative, added closely to music, instantaneous creation, the unpredictability, the sensuality. Multi-coloured shirts, differentiated, Rastafarian, Achiles observe banal scenes.

With radical cuts remove details from the real, giving them chromatic life, vibrant in night life and contrasted. Thick paintbrushes with safe gestures, create spots and fill them, smudging, naturally, rude and sensual figures, pieces of human bodies dressed in textures, in a world of musical instruments, ashtrays, cigarettes, smoke, cans, glasses, tables, chairs, light beams. Interested approach the large portfolio in easel dialogue with Achiles, pleasantly transposing the historical barrier of the public painter, in the irrevocable act of creative doing that born already exposed. Achilles came to colour night brown cats, distribute life, visual education, demystifying art, exercise originality and personality. Artist in constant construction, "in progress", sharing emotion, surprise and skill with the public. As in the best jams. 

Text: Marcos Santilli diretor of the MIS "Museum of Image and sound" 1998

TEXT: 1 + 1, ou mais...

Make present (lat praesentificare) Vint 1 The present state of the body in space and time; 2 Opening sensitive to relate with density; 3 Inventing singular forms of existence; statement of dissent; 4 Act of ignoring general recommendations and protocols; 5 Internal mobility; place itself available; 6 Do not reduce yourself neither others; to be; 7 Do not fight against the empty; feeling; 8 Manifest state of creation; inevitable metamorphose; 9 Having a pair of wings. Part of this urban body we feel, deeply, tears, cracks, pieces.

Daily experiences of distancing, separation walling. The city does not stop. And its fragments are everywhere.

How to join them, surprise them, give them a new sense? As proposer of meetings, Achiles Luciano places himself constantly facing the challenge of "being with".

His works take place, often in shared processes of creation - works that come from other images, paintings that are born in real time, the unexpected meeting with productions in other languages, invited to compose a common territory. In the exhibition "1 + 1, or more ...", its main working material is the manipulation of images captured by the look of some photographers. Images that, before transforming into a new job, are already records of collective bodies. Its contours are mirrored, added and mutually transform themselves. The work "in meeting" of Achiles Luciano has as main characteristic the possibility of exchange. And the link of each of the fragments, the woven relations, the images created, compose a sensitive experience, the appearance of a shared materiality.

Text: Cibele Lucena 2008

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