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The process in the foreground:

I have always worked through the process. The creative process are the most important moments in the inspiration of my works.

In the JAM session, the musicians usually choose a base of some music, on top of this the melodic deconstruction, the variations of notes are allowed, that is, the improvisation is free. For me to make this intervention with the musicians in that same environment, I had to create a work order: do not sketch anything, do not pre-establish any idea before I start listening to the music, suggested there by them. And it is exactly this point that for me the interventions of the JAM Session series, which I started in 1997, demonstrate sincerity. I don't think there is a date to stop developing this work.


In the series 1 + 1 or more… large-scale photos were printed on canvas and I interfered with them without sketching anything. Some interferences were developed during JAM sessions, others in my studio. The objective was to open a dialogue about working in partnership, experiencing the collective mainly between languages.

When I started working with Grafite Digital using the Tagtool software, there were several opportunities to share moments of collective creations. So far, this technique has made it possible to break barriers for my work to dialogue with theater, cinema, circus, animation and so on.


At the moment I find myself unfolding the 2013 Necessary Speech Extension series for Necessary Dialogue Extension, where I use the stories of transforming people to create one or more works. Photography, editing, projection, 3D audio, digital graphite, canvas printing and, finally, analog painting are resources that I use in this series. This whole process contributes to placing the transformer as the protagonist of his own history with the aim that other people will be inspired to transform to transform.


Achiles Luciano.

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