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Achiles Luciano - Brazilian born in São Paulo - Plastic artist since 93. In addition to developing authorial works, he works in cultural, corporate, editorial, advertising and ... open to new proposals.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In parallel is part of the collectives: casadalapa with several projects including Mixto-Quente, Enquadro l, Enquadro ll and member of Coletivo DMV with Mario Lopes, Gabriel Spinosa, Marina Massoli and Isabel Hölzl with the VRUM project at Circuito Sesc de Artes 2011 e Sesc Araraquara Winter Festival, VRUMvrumzinho workshop for children together Sesc Ipiranga, opening of Sesc Santo Amaro in 2011 and interventions with shows and workshops at Sesc Pompéia in January 2012. Three months of artistic residency at Villa Waldberta in Feldafing Germany in 2013

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