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Necessary Speech Extension - Exhibition - Germany 2014
In January 2014 Achiles Luciano received an invitation to return to Germany to exhibit. In this exhibition, the artist makes a relationship between Brazil and Germany on his point of view after living at Villa Waldberta. 7 canvas works and a panel produced with lick-lick by Paulestinos and graphite were exhibited in front of the Streitfeld Projektraum gallery in Munich. More Info
Series: Necessary Speech Extension - Artist residency - Germany 2013
Project started in 2013 during a residency at Villa Waldberta in Feldafing in Germany. This series are works developed with all the techniques researched by the artist from the beginning of his career until that moment: analogue, digital painting, photography, image editing, projection and giclê. They are records of my perspective as an invited guest to reside artistically in the Bavarian region of Germany. More Info
Series: Tag noise
Project elaborated on the translucent adhesive system, for installation in glasses with digital graffiti files. From the tagtool software in search of testures, projections in different materials with varied surfaces, reaching this result through the photo.

Exhibition at Sesc Santo Amaro - São Paulo in November 2012

Series: 1 + 1or more ...
Works developed in partnership with friends of photographers such as Edson Luciano, Anderson Zaca, Tatiana Sacamanno, Rosana Di Condi, Jorge Lepesteur and Sheila. In this work I had the experience of joining two languages ​​in a single space, dialoguing and adding to the poetic discourse.
Experimenta Gallery Exhibition 2008
Jam, Bar Code and Shellac Series
Works in acrylic and mixed techniques on canvas in large scales, these works conceived during Jam Sessions meetings and musical concerts from 1998 to 2013.

Series: Jam and Bar Code.
Acrylic works on medium scale paper conceived during musical concerts and Jam Sessions between 1998 to 2013.

As a meeting proponent, Achiles Luciano is constantly faced with the challenge of “being with”. Often working on shared creative processes - works that emerge from their surroundings, paintings that are born, in real time, from the unexpected encounter with musical productions, invited to compose a common territory.

Text: Cibele Lucena 2008

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