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Vroom a multimedia show of success of the Collective DMV22, which received an award from the Department of Culture of Munich, Germany to do from February to April in 2013, an artistic and circular residence with the show in Europe with performances in Munich, Feldafing, Vienna and Lyon. Participated in the SESC Arts Circuit 2011 (presenting the show in 20 cities in the State of São Paulo), Winter Festival SESC Araraquara 2011. 

MIS -Museum of Image and Sound 2011/2012/2013, opening Video Dance Festival SESC São Carlos 2012, SESC Pompeia 2012 integrated presentation exposure of big name on the international scene of Plastic Arts, the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson and among other presentations.

Following the methodology of the show and of the VRUM experience for adults, artists intend with VRUMvrumzinho show, take a wide world and stories to tell to children from-14 years. The digital painting offers images in which you can travel. The sound sometimes illustrates, sometimes environment, other times make opposition always arousing curiosity. The movement builds objects, form figures and do dance the space.

Branches begin to turn into trees, dancing in the wind, over flown by birds. The lake goldfish turns friend and grows, so much friendship that no longer return to the lake. Let among bubbles, some very special to their friends. And it is not that this gift takes away the boys to know a city, noises, people, and contact with so many people end up going back to their roots.           Text: Isabel Hölzl

The Luiza´s Notes are an audio-visual experience told through a play aimed for children aged 5 to 10 years, which addresses the importance of Brazilian popular music learning, training and awareness of the musical culture of the country.

In which, we combine different artistic languages; Theatre, Music and Painting (digital), besides bringing to the stage the contemporary technology with the use of laptops, projectors, tablet and pad control. “

The Luiza’s Notes” offers a valuable content to the development of musical awareness and Brazilian culture. It covers basic topics such as Education, Geography, History, Sustainability and Technology.

The play takes place through interaction on stage of: • 1 Actress who acts and dialogue with projections in the screen and the audio. • 1 Musician who controls the sound effects in "Sound Digital Island" and interprets live all the songs throughout the play. • 1 live digital painter illustrates scenario and characters that the actress acts, in the backstage.

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