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The process in foreground:

I always worked moved by the process. The creative process is the most important moment of inspiration in my works.

In JAM session usually musicians choose a base of some music, on top of that melodic deconstruction, the variations of notes are allowed, which means the improvisation is released.


For me to do these interventions with musicians in the same environment I had to create a work order: Not sketch anything, no pre-establish any idea before start to hear the music, it was suggested by them. And this is exactly the point that for me the interventions JAM Sessions which I started in 1997 shows sincerity. I don’t think that there is a date I would stop doing this work.


In the “1+1 or more...” series went printed in the screens of large scale and change them without sketch anything.  Some changes were made during a JAM Session and others in my studio. The point is to open the dialogue about the work in partnership, the collective experience, mainly in languages.

When I first started to work with Digital Graffiti using the software Tag tool several opportunities were opened to share moments of collective creation mixing languages. Until the moment that was the peak of breaking barriers to work with theatre, movies, circus, animation etc.…

In this moment I found myself in a deployment of series Needed Extension of Speech of 2013 to Needed Extension of Dialogue, where I used histories of transformers to create one or more projects using all resources that I ever worked with photography, edition, projection, 3D media, digital graffiti in printing screens and lastly analogue painting.

All this to put the transformer as protagonist of his history to be disclosed in order to other people inspire themselves to be transformed to transform


Achiles Luciano. 

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