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Tagtool by Achiles Luciano “The Luiza’s Notes” 

Local: MuBE Theater
São Paulo - Brazil 

Setting and digital characters built live during the play by Achiles Luciano 


Theatre’s children play "The Luiza’s Notes"

Production: Art Company KNU

Argument, Conception, Music and General Direction: UMANTO

Scene Direction: Gabrielle Lopez

Co-Direction and Lighting: Ricardo Peres

Text: Luise Cohen

Props: Letícia Regina

Dress: Maria Cuca

On the stage: Actress: Rose de Oliveira

Setting and digital characters: Achiles Luciano

Musician: UMANTO

Live 2008

Casa das Caldeiras

Live Painting 2008 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Red case - Collective DMV22

São Paulo - Brazil

Between a test and another took a few minutes of relaxation to release energy and develop improvisations that give us more opportunities to create new projects.

Red Process is a project that we are preparing for another new job.


Collective DMV22

Marina Massoli - ballet dance

Gabriel Spinosa - trail 

Achiles Luciano - digital graffiti, tagtool

Video art: Soccer 06/2014 C. C. of Transport Palace

São Paulo - Brazil

Video Art - Soccer 06/2014 

Held in the month of the World Cup in São Paulo in 2014.

Projection on the facade of the Cultural Centre of Transport Palace


Visual artist - Achiles Luciano 


Katia Rocha - project coordinator at the Cultural Centre of Transport Palace

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